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"Lisa is a tireless advocate for Grass Valley interests. Her breadth of knowledge and contacts makes Lisa the logical choice for the Board of Supervisors. She is a fine listener and gets things done."  

- Dr. Terry McAteer, Former Nevada County Superintendent of Schools

"I know Lisa Swarthout is the best candidate for District 3 Supervisor. Throughout my forty-plus years of working for the citizens of Grass Valley and Nevada County, I found Lisa to be the most balanced, hard-working and visionary leader I had the pleasure of which to work. Lisa has the integrity, honesty, rationality and fairness that gives everyone a 'place' in the Nevada County community. She has and will continue to serve the County well! 

- Howard Levine, Former Mayor of Grass Valley

“Lisa listens, leads, and represents her constituents.  She is up to speed on current County issues and has the experience to navigate through them.  She is well respected amongst her peers, and is known for getting things done.”

- Jason Fouyer, former Mayor, City of Grass Valley

"As a former Truckee mayor and Nevada County supervisor, I worked with Lisa on a number of issues important to our communities. She continually impressed me with her intelligence, her deep respect for the people she served, and her ability to get things done. She'll be tremendously effective as a county supervisor."

- Richard Anderson

"I have known Lisa for years. She has a lively but gentle demeanor that graces her with patience and clarity. Deeply knowledgeable about county issues she is nonetheless willing to listen and engage. She is well-spoken but also deeply determined to move Nevada County into a future that will meet her constituents' needs."

- Peter Minett

"Lisa had already served for many years when I was elected to the Nevada City Council. We have worked on a number of issues collaboratively, issues that are bigger than just one location. Lisa was, to be honest, a mentor to me. She was generous with her time, experience and knowledge. I am so excited that she is running for Supervisor. She will bring a great deal to the position, all to the good of Nevada County and District 3."

- Erin Minett

“Lisa is a trusted and steadfast leader with a history of producing results.  After owning a small business for 30 years and serving on the Grass Valley City Council for 16 years, Lisa started volunteering for the County.  I have witnessed Lisa listen to all sides before making a decision.  Lisa brings her business acumen when developing publicly funded budgets.  We need Lisa’s leadership at the County to continue to make Nevada County the best place to live and work”

- Shannan Moon, Nevada County Sheriff

"Lisa has the experience, the knowledge, and the temperament to serve us all well on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors. She is able to work across the aisle and get things accomplished!"

- Margaret Joehnck

"Lisa is a trusted friend and leader. She has given her indefatigable dedication to the citizens of Nevada County through her participation on the Grass Valley City Council, and her term as Mayor. In addition, her work for the Nevada County Sheriff's Office, among many other responsibilities. An even-tempered leader and supportive friend, Lisa's high ethical standards make her the logical choice for the Board of Supervisors. We give her our wholehearted endorsement."

- Lynn & Jeff Wenzel


"Lisa is the voice of reason in the race - the one whose years of service, business ownership, and community involvement make her the clear choice. She makes balanced choices, puts facts first, and rolls up her sleeves. I'm psyched that she is running for this seat. She definitely has my vote."

- Michael Mooers

"I am endorsing Lisa Swarthout for Nevada County Supervisor, District 3. As a founder and former director of Hospitality House Community Shelter, I have had numerous opportunities to work with Lisa over the years in her position as both the Mayor of Grass Valley and as a long-term city council member. Lisa knows how to bring people together and bridge divisions—something I've witnessed firsthand, especially during the beginning years of the shelter. People were opposed to opening a homeless shelter, often saying, "If you build it, they will come." Lisa stood up at a town hall meeting and, choosing not to sweep this issue under the rug, replied, "No, they're building it because homeless people are here."

Lisa brings a unique understanding of the need for cooperation between local government and county/nonprofit services providers to address the complex issue of homelessness while remaining sensitive to the needs of businesses and residents. Lack of affordable housing is a big issue, and Lisa has always impressed me with her wealth of knowledge regarding this issue, including the planning of these projects. When Hospitality House encountered a problem with the renovation of Utah's Place over a disputed regulation involving grant funds with the California Department of Housing and Community Development, Lisa went with us to Sacramento. She joined us in a meeting with the HCD Director in support of our position. Lisa being there helped us resolve the issue.

Lisa is fair and solution-oriented. When needed, she is a calm voice, and she has shown her commitment to this community through years of service on the GV City Council. Lisa listened every time I reached out, and I'm pleased to endorse her for county supervisor."

- Cindy Maple

"I’ve lived in Nevada County for over 30 years. I’ve lived in both Nevada City as well as Grass Valley. Lisa has worked for the good of ALL members of the community in so many ways: a City Councilwoman; Mayor; business owner and, well, the list is ENDLESS! She is also a friend, someone who genuinely cares and works tirelessly to create a safe and enriched place for everyone. Lisa will make an exceptional County Supervisor!"

- Pinky Zalkin

"I heartily endorse Lisa Swarthout for Nevada County Supervisor. Her many years of experience on the Grass Valley City Council have prepared her well for County Supervisor. Lisa cares deeply about our community and works hard to serve constituents."

- Nancy Weber

"Lisa is the public servant we need. She cares deeply about our community and is a proven leader. She forms her own opinions based on facts, public input, and her desire to find public policy solutions to benefit the health and vitality for all residents of Nevada County. It is my pleasure to endorse Lisa Swarthout for Supervisor District 3."

- Julie Baker

"Lisa excels at examining all sides of an issue. She truly is a voice of reason."

- Anne King

"I have only gotten to know Lisa since the June Pride Flag raising at NC City Hall but keep running into her at the events in the area such as non-profits we both support. Even in this short time I know she has what it takes to continue her leadership in the Supervisor role."

- Rick Partridge

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